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Sedona Bridal Fair is Quickly Approaching!

Sedona’s wedding community is very excited about our Annual 2014 Sedona Bridal Fair to be held at Poco Diablo Resort!! Why not take your sweetheart, friends and family and stay a night or two at Poco while enjoying the Bridal Show with over 50 wedding professionals, 10,500+ displays, vignettes and exhibits! The Sedona Bridal Fair will be Saturday, January 18, 2014 from 10 AM to 3 PM.

Poco Diablo ResortPoco Diablo Resort


Picture-Perfect Weddings in Sedona

With its majestic, fairy-tale formations and resplendent Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona couldn’t be a more romantic setting. It offers a picturesque backdrop for engagements, weddings, vow renewals, honeymoons, anniversaries and other memorable milestones. Standing amidst Sedona’s red rocks and sweeping vistas that stretch far out into the horizon, there is the feeling of nature’s timeless embrace. “To get married in Sedona is to be surrounded by nature’s lavish beauty,” says Jennifer Wesselhoff, President/CEO of the Sedona Chamber of Commerce. (When it came time for her own wedding, Wesselhoff chose a panoramic, red-rock location in Sedona and held her reception in Oak Creek Canyon.)

Many of Sedona’s red rocks, with their spires and buttes, look like outdoor cathedrals. They exude a feeling of the sacred and add an unparalleled dimension to an outdoor wedding. Indeed, for many centuries Sedona has been a holy place for Native Americans tribes, who still come to perform their ceremonies amidst the radiant red rocks.
Chapels, churches and temples are also part of the Sedona landscape, some have so much glass that the outside and inside appear to be one. Two popular, intimate, non-denominational chapels are the charming “capilla” in Tlaquepaque and the glass-spired venue at the spectacular Sedona Creative Life Center.

Couples can also choose to get married creekside; in a restaurant or hotel courtyard; in a hot-air balloon; on a train, trolley or jeep; in a vineyard, museum or country club; and at the foot of a mountain. Theme weddings – from Victorian to Western – can also be created by Sedona’s talented wedding professionals.

A huge plus for couples dreaming of an outdoor wedding is the weather. Sedona has a mild, four-season climate, which is pleasant all year round. With more than 300 days of sunshine in an average year, the chance is excellent for getting a picture-perfect day that is dry and clear.

In addition to Sedona’s exotic, alluring beauty and welcoming weather, Sedona can offer a wedding party all the services and personalized attention they might need. There are dozens of wedding professionals who are at the ready to assist the wedding party in creating an unforgettable event.

A big thank you from all of us at Beautiful Wedding Sedona to the Sedona Chamber of Commerce for sharing this amazing article!

Why Get Married in Sedona?

During the past centuries, Native Americans regularly came to Red Rock Country to perform sacred ceremonies. They were attracted to the area’s spectacular beauty, but they also were drawn by the area’s mysticism – born of an enhanced appreciation of nature, which complemented their spiritual rituals.

Today, the tradition continues with weddings in Sedona. Sedona has magnificent settings that lead to spectacular weddings. Brides in Sedona will find world class professionals to take care of all their wedding needs. You will find hotels and Bed & Breakfasts with all the amenities and wedding planners to take the stress away. In Sedona you’ll find officiates, photographers, videographers, caterers, bakers and flower shops, and transportation from limousines to jeeps, bridal attire and more – all to match your style and pocketbook.

You and your guests will enjoy spending extra time in Sedona before and after the wedding with the splendid weather conditions that allow for so many fun activities to choose from such as golf, horseback riding, hiking, balloon rides, ATV excursions, wineries and other outdoor activities against a backdrop like no other. Or spend the day just relaxing in a spa or shopping in some of the area’s 80 boutiques, stores and art galleries.

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We love Sedona too.

Wedding Trends for 2013


Vintage is often used in the weddings, but this year it is going to reign not only in the wedding dress styles, but will also become a big trend in the wedding themes in general. We will probably see the 30s and 40s-inspired themes along with the 20s mark.

Mint was the hottest trend during the spring summer season 2012 and it seems to continue during the year 2013. Besides looking fresh and chic, this color has a retro feel.

Rainbow hues
In case you don’t want to limit yourself to just one wedding color, you can pick them all. Regardless whether you choose the bold or subdued hues, you can have your bridal party wear the outfits in the colors of the rainbow. Even in case you don’t want to utilize the entire rainbow, you may still choose the bold colors.

Usually called the lovebirds, these sweet creatures have been always associated with romance and love so it is obvious why they perfectly suit all those wedding attributes like the decorations, invitations, cake toppers and centerpieces.

Original background
Lately the outdoor weddings have the beautiful hand-made backgrounds against which you can spell your vows out. These backdrops are the key element of the wedding ceremony decorations and can serve as a stunning background for the first kiss snapshots. Streamers or origami can make up the perfect ceremony backdrop.

Covered centerpieces
In 2013 floral designs and other planted centerpieces are promised to be covered up and caged. Terrarium centerpieces made from the bell jars or glass vases add the contemporary feel to the floral centerpieces.

Lounge areas
Your guest will love the idea with the comfy lounge area at the wedding reception. This could be set both indoors and outdoors.

Mini menus
Consider having appetizers and desserts of mini sizes, which look cool and stylish. Believe me your guests will appreciate the idea of eating the small sandwiches, beverages and desserts. Amaze everyone by presenting the food the original way. The same principle works for the cakes.

You shouldn’t avoid serving the symbolic wedding cocktail, but also consider serving the special drink at your party. With the great range of microbrews and craft beer offered on the market, you will easily find the exclusive ones to serve to your guests. You may even custom make the labels.

Do it the way you want
This is the loudest and the quickly growing trend in the wedding sphere. Contemporary couples prefer to set their weddings the way they want them to be and skip the ancient traditions like the ceremony at the church, white wedding gown, a lot of attendants etc.