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Every Emotion Photography

Every Emotion Photography

There are very few moments in life that must be frozen in time and remembered forever. We are honored to be a part of your special moment; a wedding, a pregnancy or a family portrait.

Tamara Herrick

Bon Miller Photography

Bon Miller

Bonnie Miller

Breathtaking and Candid storytelling… your images will be fashionable and contemporary, showcasing your intimate wedding experience, while documenting your most important people in your life.

Anthony Flesch – Sedona Minister

Anthony Flesch

As a non-denominational minister since 1995, Anthony brings warmth and caring to your wedding ceremony. He will help you to create and experience the wedding ceremony you want, reflecting your spiritual and religious orientation.

Reverend Susan Perry

Rev. Susan Perry

Sedona Interfaith Fellowship

A spiritual oasis — all are welcome!

An ordained Interfaith minister with an active local church, Susan is known for her caring and depth. Offering a simple, yet meaningful ceremony.

Red Rock Treks and Ceremonies


We provide small outdoor ceremonies in breathtaking backcountry environments in Sedona and the Grand Canyon. Our experienced interfaith ministers facilitate unique weddings that focus on simplicity, elegance, and the magnificent landscapes of Northern Arizona. We believe that a wedding should be stress-free, affordable, and filled with beauty.

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SellMyTimeshareNOW Sedona Rentals


SellMyTimeshareNOW is a well-known timeshare resale/rental website featuring a variety of rentals across the globe. We currently have over 70 affordable Sedona timeshare rentals available throughout the year. Book now for your wedding and save!

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True REST Float Spa

Let wedding stress float away.


Flotation is the most relaxing service available — eliminating stress, fatigue and jet lag for your wedding party — before and after the ceremony. Float for 60 minutes in your private suite pod, and let the stress melt away. You’ll leave here in a deeply euphoric state — especially after enjoying our aromatherapy oxygen bar.

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Red Rock Magic Trolley

Call the Red Rock Magic Trolley for your Wedding transportation!

Offering services to/from Wedding Ceremonies, Rehearsals, Photography spots, and all other party needs! Call for special quotes. Let us worry about the driving; you and your guests simply enjoy the special day! Laura Aronson 928.821.6706

Red Rock Magic Trolley

Red Rock Magic Trolley Sedona, Arizona


Red Rock Magic Trolley

Use Red Rock Magic Trolley for your Sedona Wedding transportation


Sedona Wedding Video

Sedona Filmmaker, Leslie McCandless, will capture your Sedona Wedding!

Leslie McCandless

Leslie McCandless

Being in the right place at the right time makes all the difference when it comes to filming a wedding.  There are no second chances! Preserve the wonder and beauty of your Sedona Wedding forever– the words of your vows, the expressions on their faces, the look in his eyes…

Let Sedona Wedding Video record the sounds and sights of your wedding in Sedona. There’s no place on earth as spectacular as Sedona for a wedding.

Leslie McCandless grew up in Los Angeles before relocating to Sedona, Arizona.  After graduating from film school, she accompanied her award-winning documentary film “In the Eye of the Beholder—The Diane DeVries Story” on the national film-festival circuit. While in Florida swimming with dolphins, she learned about snorkeling with humpback whales, and after her first experience of being in their gentle presence off the coast of the Dominican Republic, she knew she had to learn how to film underwater.

On one of these whale trips, she filmed her first wedding on a live-aboard—and loved it!  Putting her documenting and editing skills into crafting a story about love and the culmination of commitment felt so right. Everything fell into place back home in Sedona for her new focus as a wedding videographer, as the spectacular beauty of the red rocks makes it a natural destination wedding location. Steadily building her portfolio of outdoor and indoor weddings, she added wedding photography to her skill set, and now divides her time between photographing and filming weddings–and of course, swimming with whales– just not during wedding season!

Congratulations Marty and Nicole!

Nicole and Marty had a beautiful intimate ceremony in Sedona during our winter months. The weather was perfect!







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Photography by Every Emotion Photography